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I am a lighthearted, sometimes bumbling, cartoon character with lots of humorous and whimsical adventures and experiences in the artistic field.  I revolve around art and creative venues.  (Go to my page for more.)


I am a character drawn to art.


I live in the beautiful, yet sometimes crazy, mind of artist Paula Bodger who is inspired by life, laughter and the pursuit of creating things.  She is a visual artist mainly working in charcoal, pen and wash.  Her subjects are usually pets, animals and nature.  She also does digital art, photography and crafts.

Things & Stuff

Pet Portraits

I do Black & White, Pen, Ink, Charcoal and Wash drawings of pets.


I work from your favorite pet photograph.  Additional cost for more than one pet in drawing.


You get the original drawing.


I may use artwork of pet and apply it to my crafts and greeting cards.

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You can contact me at:

I'm on facebook:

Canvas Man

Also on Facebook

the human artist:

Paula Bodger Connolly

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